Dear Regan. You have some very profound data here. Unfortunately, most of society believes addicts are not sick. They are just stupid, selfish losers, that deserve to be treated like scum.

Obviously, film sets are much more a moneymaker than a care facility. And money talks.

Right now my daughter needs 6 weeks in a nursing home for IV antibiotic therapy and none of them around here are accepting her. They can't turn a drug addict loose on the street with a PICC line in her arm going directly into a big old vein. So she's sitting in an expensive hospital room while they look for a place for her. Interestingly, the last time she was in a NH several of the residents OD'd. Drugs can be found everywhere. Even in jails.

I'm so tired of all of it. I'm not saying life would be easier for all of my family if this was not what we had to live with because something else could have happened just as easily. A death, a debilitating accident, etc. I just wish it was a less evil and devilish affliction.

Thank you for reading and commenting. Your words are appreciated.

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