Growing Old: Choose a Life Plan Community for Peace of Mind

We can plan and have control of our future

Klara Jane Holloway
3 min readJun 24, 2022
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Like flowers, we grow and bloom. Our beauty and grace bless all those around us. We bring joy to many. Even when we start to fade, we maintain our color and vibrancy, although a little less spectacular. Then, our stems grow weak, and our color fades to a yellowish-brown. After our fragrance has brought peace to many hearts, we begin to wilt. At last, we return to the earth from whence we came and nourish the next blooms to come forth. We have a purpose in life and death. KJH

I’ve been reading many articles on Medium that include tales of growing old; sadly, many are not happy stories.

Older people fall and are not found for several days.

Critical health emergencies don’t have happy endings.

Sad stories of dementia and how it affects a person and their family.

Elder care that’s abusive.

Seniors who lose their autonomy at the mercy of family or friends.

Scams are aimed at older people who are vulnerable.

Siblings decide to take over and cause family strife.

Today, after reading this article by Ruby Lee, I compiled my stories into a list about moving to a Life Plan Community and how much peace of mind and autonomy it can offer anyone 55 and older.

Here is Ruby's article that asks the inevitable question.

Here is my list of articles that may help answer her questions.

Growing Old: Choose a Life Plan Community for Peace of Mind

6 stories
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