Guy #1 Was Drowning in Panic Mode Since Dora, His Dog, Went Missing

She was gone for half the day

Klara Jane Holloway
4 min readMay 12, 2023


riding bikes with dog at side
A friend and his dog. Authors photo KJH.

John is the name I gave Guy#1 in my article last week. He has a dog he adores.

Her name is Dora.

She’s a year and a half old and has been well-trained. She’s given the run of 6 acres of property and comes when she is called.

She sits, stays, lays down, and is generally well-behaved.

Yesterday, John and a friend took a hike around the lake at a local park, and Dora went with him. As angry as he was about the unleashed dog after the bike riding incident last week, he still let Dora run without a leash.

(An unleashed dog ran out in front of him while riding bikes last week; he braked and almost went over the handlebars. You can read about it here).

I may have pointed out the double standard concerning leashes if I had been there.



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