Guy #1 Was Drowning in Panic Mode Since Dora, His Dog, Went Missing

She was gone for half the day

Klara Jane Holloway
4 min readMay 12
riding bikes with dog at side
A friend and his dog. Authors photo KJH.

John is the name I gave Guy#1 in my article last week. He has a dog he adores.

Her name is Dora.

She’s a year and a half old and has been well-trained. She’s given the run of 6 acres of property and comes when she is called.

She sits, stays, lays down, and is generally well-behaved.

Yesterday, John and a friend took a hike around the lake at a local park, and Dora went with him. As angry as he was about the unleashed dog after the bike riding incident last week, he still let Dora run without a leash.

(An unleashed dog ran out in front of him while riding bikes last week; he braked and almost went over the handlebars. You can read about it here).

I may have pointed out the double standard concerning leashes if I had been there.

As it turned out, Dora would not have gotten lost if she had been on a leash.


John treats Dora as if she’s human and would never bite anyone, run away, or steal the neighbor’s cat food (which she does all the time).

Dora is not perfect. Nobody's perfect. Even the human dog!

He and his friend were walking when he turned around and did not see Dora. She did not come when he whistled and called her.

That was 11 AM, and by 5 PM, he texted me he was in “devastation mode” because Dora was lost, had been stolen, or may have been injured.

He didn’t seem to consider she was a dog and maybe ran off to explore like dogs tend to do.

They had been searching for her all day with no luck.

At that point, he said several people were helping him search. Many kind people had been…



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