Hi Amy....I watched that movie last week and rated it a 7 out of 10. I watch TV to blank out, so mindless drivel seems par for the course to me. I barely captured any of the moronic scenes you describe. I just watched like a robot. Now that I've read your article (an excellent read BTW) I see the movie in a whole new light. I think I'm as moronic and untuned as the characters in the show!

Thank you for the delight of that synopsis. I honestly didn't even notice it was that long of a movie. And you are right about Kate Blanchett. It took me until the credits at the end to realize who she was! I did notice they used an actress in her 50's to portray a woman in her 30's and an actress in her 70's to portray a woman in her 40's. That's a shame because we all cannot age with help from cosmetic surgery.

Most importantly, I doubt I could write anything as deep, observant, and perfectly annotated as you. I admire you and look forward to reading (and maybe learning from) much more of your writing.

Thank you.

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