Hi Ruby. All 3 of my daughters are prone to being overweight. Their dad was pretty big. The middle one is over #300 and her husband might be #400. She is a vegan but consumes a ton of the vegan plant food called SUGAR. But she's diabetic. She's 42 and prone to all kinds of respiratory illnesses. She's had COVID twice. Her blood sugars are sky-high. She does not watch her diet. In high school and college she weighed #150. She was active in sports. When she went to grad school she gained #100 in the 2 years. I told her I did not want her to die before me. Her father died at 62 after throwing a blood clot after he had a below-the-knee amputation. He developed an arrhythmia, coded in the hospital, and died while they were trying to resuscitate him. She KNOWS this. It kills me but I have never had to watch my weight, not that I'm skinny. So I don't really understand. I don't hound her though. I know it hurts her a lot to be so overweight and feel helpless. She honestly exercises, plays tennis, just does not eat well. She's a great daughter. My youngest daughter is another weight disaster. (for another time)

I agree a person's weight is not to be used to define them. It hurts and is wrong.

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