How Reading More Stories and Writing Less Has Improved My Earnings

Sometimes you need to give more than you take

Klara Jane Holloway
3 min readJan 7, 2022


There is so much to be learned from other writers on Medium. If you get wrapped up in producing stories constantly and don’t draw from this wealth of information you will end up like I was.


At a standstill.

Wondering if I just needed to quit.

So, I sat for 2 days and did nothing but read articles. Six hours each day. My eyeballs throbbed like a paper cut.

I came away with a feeling of inadequacy.

I have not earned my stripes.

I realized I’m low-hanging fruit on Medium.

The talent on here is gigantic.

I have a long way to go.

I kept asking other members questions about how to do things. Dumb questions. (I know….there are no DUMB questions but we ALL know that is NOT true!) I have been quite clueless on many aspects of writing on this platform. And, yes, I have read the Medium Help Stuff but I’m a slow learner. I like to hear from other writers. They make it sound much easier. And they have been wonderful to me. I probably got on their nerves but they were too nice to tell me. Thanks, guys.

Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

I started to read some of the writers with a lot of followers. So many good ideas come from reading top writers. Many have been writing for a long time or have a specific niche. I don’t have either of those going for me at this time. I told someone I could be a top writer in Drug Addiction and he said that wasn’t a category. Well, darn! So far, those had been my most-read stories.

I learned a lot about what people like to read and how many like to read humor and some like true crime or marriage. There are a million topics out there and if you find one you are good at it helps to expound on that knowledge. Like I should write about being an ER nurse. There are a ton of stories to write on that subject. TONS.



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