I Made 19 Cents on Medium Last Month. What Do You Have to Brag About?

It’s really my own fault

Klara Jane Holloway
3 min readDec 8, 2021


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I have not exactly been a top earner from the get go but I’ve done better then this. Since July I’ve made at least a dollar a month. I guess it may be the new algorithm. Or are my articles and poems are just crap? I just got started last June so I’m still learning the ropes and finally found the best way to do that is to read, read, read, other articles. When I started I took a great course on how to navigate the platform. It was all so new I better take the course again in order to refresh my skills. And, admittedly, I’ve been slow at publishing.

Still, 19 cents? What a loser!

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That’s barely worth putting in my bank account and maybe why in 2022 you need 100 followers to be in the Partnership Program. I just reached that number not too long ago. Medium shouldn’t have to take the time to deposit a whopping 19 cents in any account anymore. I see how much more serious I need to take this writing gig. Not to make more money but to engage more audience. I just randomly write about escapades in my life I’ve experienced and apparently these are not that special. I have to see what’s “trending”. I kind of hate that idea. However, I want my articles read so I need to play to what the audience wants to read about.

I went through months of stagnation where I added over 50 titles to my drafts but no stories to go with them. Most days I would try to develop a story from the title and then my thoughts would get all scattered and I’d give up. Now I know to make a small outline to keep me on course. I think that period of writers block has passed. Time to get in gear.

It’s pretty embarrassing to admit this 19 cents of earnings. I may even have chased a bunch of you away, if you read this at all. All the titles screaming how much moola others have made make for an article that’s lucrative to read. I know. I read a lot of them. And I’m jealous. Especially the ones who say they write 8–10 articles a month and still make over $500. Such interesting people. I hate to think I’m that boring. I know I have some great stories to tell. So you’ll see me kicking my writing up a notch and I hope you’ll check it out.

In conclusion, I’ve felt so crummy with this 19 cent issue I felt I’d write about it and see if any of you ever went lower then that. Let me know if you have and what you did after that besides feel like a peon. I love to write stories and poems.

Can you give me some hope?



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