If I Were Magically Granted a Do-Over Here’s One Thing I Would Change

Because I loved my baby girl

Klara Jane Holloway
4 min readJun 20, 2022
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Prompted by estow76 (Esther) from an article where she asked herself this question:

What Would You Do Differently If Given The Opportunity To Go Back And Do It Over Again?

I would change everything I did in May of 1973.

I won’t say I am completely unhappy but many of my mistakes from that year are still following me around today and affecting my life.

Much of my unhappiness now is directly related to decisions I made or were made for me in May of 1973.

I’d like to go back to April of 1973 and get a do-over.

May 1973

I graduated from high school. That was a good thing.

In my Senior year, I had a boyfriend.

My parents kissed the ground my boyfriend walked on. He was a popular guy with an infectious personality. He replaced my brother who had joined the Army at 18 and moved away when he was discharged. He never got along with my dad who treated him like a plowboy on the farm.

My dad took my boyfriend under his fold to become the farmhand my brother used to be. My boyfriend had a broken relationship with his dad so he was happy to be the apple of my dad’s eye.

I wish I had never met him.

I was not all crazy in love with my boyfriend. I had dreams and plans for college in Florida and then American Airlines flight attendant school in Dallas. He dropped out of college and drove a beer truck which made him very popular along with his fun-loving personality.

We got along very well but he knew I was going on in life without him even though I was the only girlfriend he ever had.

On the night of my Senior Prom in May 1973, I got drunk. 6 weeks later I didn’t have a period. 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

The plans I had for my future were over.



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