Medium is Making Me Fat

I sit all day and read, comment, write….

Klara Jane Holloway
2 min readJan 4, 2022


Every morning I head straight for my laptop. I have a very important, high-intensity job.

cartoon girl typing really fast

I’m addicted to Medium

I want to read every article in my feed.

I must thoroughly answer every comment on my stories. I love my Medium family. It’s such an honor to have you comment on my writing.

Finally, I want to write more interesting stories.

This is a full-time job and then some. I cannot stop.

I eat and eat. I drink pop.

No time to exercise.

No time for friends or family.

No time for my cat. She is getting fat too.

Does this go away eventually?

I am feeling quite disgusted with myself for being so boring. I don’t go out, talk to anyone, or watch TV. I’m obsessed.

Someone, please help me out? Tell me how you regulate your time and energy. I’m getting flab around my waist and my face looks puffy. If this keeps up I will need new clothes to accommodate the weight gain and I will lose all my friends. My cat has “I’m running away and becoming feral” written all over her.

Any advice would be appreciated

I’m just starting out and I realize I have to work hard. I must be diligent. But I need to get a grip.

My son said he almost called the local police to do a welfare check on me.



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