My 13 Year Old Grandson Has to Watch as His Mother Slowly Kills Herself

He’s had to call 911 twice to save her

Klara Jane Holloway
3 min readDec 31, 2021


Do You Remember Being 13?

I remember. The biggest cares I had when I was 13 were a few pimples, getting good grades, cleaning my room, and whether Dennis Imsocool wanted to be my boyfriend.

My parents were responsible for me and I knew I was safe and loved.

When my children were 13 they had the same environment. My husband and I definitely loved them and showed it. We took care of them. We kept them safe.

My Grandson is Now 13

He is more the caretaker of his mother when he is with her. My daughter. She is addicted to drugs and left him with his dad when he was 6. She pops in and out of his life when she feels like it. I don’t know if he feels safe or loved. I won’t ask him and stoke that fire.

At the age of 10 my grandson called 911 after finding his mom unconscious. She was on the bathroom floor. He was trying to push the door open to help her but her body was against it on the inside. He was terrified.

I can only imagine that call for help. How he must have felt.

An ambulance and fire engine, with lights and sirens, came barreling down their tiny city street to save the day. The street is so small the rescue vehicles blocked traffic on both sides. The neighbors all came out to watch.

EMS took charge. She had a needle hanging from her arm. She was saved by Narcan.

Ten years old.

It happened again when he was 12. Only this time she was in her bedroom on the bed. Kind of blue.

I thought she was dead, Grammy, he said to me. His eyes were as big as saucers. Was that a plea in his voice for me to save her? Save him? How I wish I could.

Twelve years old.

Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash

He Is Used To This Life Now



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