My 55 and Older Community is Moving Like a Snail to Get My House Ready

I may not live long enough to move in

Klara Jane Holloway
5 min readJan 14, 2022


Here is the front of my ranch condo. I’ve been waiting to move here into the 55 and older Life Plan Community (LPC) since October 12th.

Here is the definition of a LPC. This is not the exact community I’m moving to but has the same amenities. What I like about mine is the Independent Living ranch homes are on a totally separate campus from the other facilities with assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care.

My condo may not look like much in this winter picture but it really is beautiful and spacious inside. I have amazing big windows with tons of natural light.

The south side of my condo with great windows

Out back and on the side I have nothing behind me but trees and a field. The grounds are well manicured with a lot of pine trees and well kept roads. It’s isolated so anyone that does not belong there has no need to be driving through. I can walk to the Community Center for card games, billiards, gym equipment, and socializing. They have free coffee, snacks, and cappuccino all day. In the evenings and on weekends we all have a key so we can use the Community Center during off hours.

Or, I can stay home and not be bothered while I work on my Medium account.

As part of the buy-in you get your condo totally refurbished. The problem is it’s taking way too long. I signed my contract on October 12th and as a bonus for signing on this particular time of year I received $10,000 in extra upgrades of my choosing. It’s called a marketing incentive and it‘s been amazing.

Here is what I am getting as part of the normal refurbishment. I was able to choose all of it:

All new wood flooring throughout the condo except bathrooms (2 full) and utility room. I chose vinyl for those rooms.



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