My Condo is For Sale and It’s in High Demand

It looks like a bidding war is in the making.

Klara Jane Holloway
5 min readMar 5, 2022


inside living/dining room of a condo
View from the entrance to my condo. Free use author’s picture.

Buyers are lining up to buy my condo. It went on the market yesterday and 12 showings were quickly scheduled. 6 were yesterday, 5 today, and 1 in the AM. Those people are driving here from out of state to look. So far there are 3 offers.

I know I should be thrilled it will sell so quickly.

It’s really been a see-saw of emotions since I decided to move to the Life Plan Community last October. I had been casually looking there for a year and a half because I wanted that maintenance-free lifestyle. I have friends that live there and are very happy. Then, last October they showed me one I loved. I had to make the decision to give up my condo I have only lived in for a few years.

I’ll embed the other stories I’ve written about this relocating adventure, but you won’t need to read them to follow this one.

The LPC was offering a Marketing Incentive if you bought before the holidays. $10,000 in upgrades. I could not pass up those perks. I put a deposit down that day. I wrote about that here.

I was told my ranch home, as they like to call them, would be ready at the beginning of January. My condo was to go up for sale the week of Thanksgiving. I had a little disagreement with the LPC around that time and I held up the sale. I wrote about it here.

With that disagreement resolved, I was ready to go. But, the original timeframe of moving in January got dragged out. And, once they started to work on it I was not allowed to go into the house. They claimed it was a liability. So, I have not seen my new place or any of the refurbishments since last November.



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