My Daughter Has Been Found and She’s Alive

Warning: Do not read if you have a judgmental, mean comment. I’ve had my fill of heartache for now.

Klara Jane Holloway


This is a continuation of a story I posted on Christmas Day:

No One Has Heard From My Daughter For 9 Days

Today, December 27th: The Good News

Her grandfather and I were taking my granddaughter to the last place she knew her mom had been staying. A Red Roof Inn in a seedy area in a city an hour and a half away. She thought she could find her mom and we just wanted to take care of the poor girl’s heart. We knew it was probably futile. We were leaving at 9:30AM.

Then, my daughter called my granddaughter today at 9AM. She’s been in the ICU at a hospital an hour away since December 18th.

Of course, I’m glad she’s alive. But couldn’t she somehow have notified us in the last 10 days? Over Christmas? Her two children worried sick? All of us with that bad, fearful feeling that families of addicts get when they don’t hear from them, or know where they are, for a long period of time.

She had nothing on Facebook or Messenger since December 13th. Her CashApp account was closed. It seemed she disappeared.

But, today she calls my granddaughter from the hospital tearful, upset, telling her where’s she’s been. This phone is IN HER ROOM. At her bedside. Available to pick up.

She tells her mom we have all been worried sick.

My granddaughter calls me and tells me she’s heard from her mom who is going to call her back. She tells me where she is.

I breathe a huge sigh of relief and start to figure out how I can find out her condition. I call my other two daughters. They were on a mission this morning too. They were also determined to find out all they could by going to that Red Roof Inn and asking questions.

They had a collage of their sister’s pictures to show around. They were going to report her missing to the police in that city in case any clues turned up. (the worst…



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