My Daughter Wrote a Letter to Her Addiction and Shared It With Me

She wants to share it with you, too.

Klara Jane Holloway
5 min readMar 25, 2022


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My daughter has now been in a rehab facility, The Haven, for 2 weeks. She has her own bedroom and shares a kitchen and bathroom with one other girl.

That’s more privacy than she’s had for months.

She has daily Narcotics Anonymous meetings and her own counselor. I’m still hoping that I get my daughter back someday. My grandchildren may get their mother back. Her family may get their sister, cousin, niece, back.

Will she make it?

She will if all the prayers, encouragement, and advice from my Medium family has a say! I would love to tell readers who have been following her story since Christmas that she’s thriving in real life.

She has a long way to go.

If she can stay off drugs for 6 months her doctors say they will do the heart surgery she needs. They will attempt to drain and clean out the abscess on her lower spine so she can walk without pain.

She no longer thinks dying would be easier than rehab.

She is not allowed visitors except to drop things off. She can go to the store but only with one of the staff. If she doesn’t attend her meetings, she’s out. They check urine every other day for drugs.

A positive for street drugs equals immediate eviction.



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