My Daughter’s Messed Up Now But She Wasn’t Always That Way

Once upon a time, she was a beautiful, sweet little girl…Part I

Klara Jane Holloway
4 min readJan 11, 2022


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And this is her story before she became a drug addict. Part I….there’s too much to tell in one chapter.

My daughter, Katie, started out in life with a few strikes against her.

No one would have looked at it that way back then. In retrospect, it damaged her for the rest of her life.

Katie was an unplanned pregnancy.

I found out a month after I graduated from high school. I was mortified. I told my parents and said I would have to give the baby up. I could not possibly make a good life for a child when I was still a child myself. They would not hear of it and insisted my then-boyfriend marry me. No matter how much I cried and begged and said I did not want to get married or have a baby, my parents insisted.

THEY wanted a baby. My mom had wanted “one more baby” and had been unable to get pregnant again.

I guess my baby would be the replacement?

My mother gave me the old baby crib (I swear it had been hers when she was a baby). It was wobbly and held together on one end with a piece of clothesline. I had a hand-me-down dresser from my great-grandmother. For my parents’ house, my mom got a brand new white canopy crib and dresser for the “baby’s” room. My husband and I were fairly poor, although he did have a job. We were lucky to make our rent payment. We could not afford the fancy stuff my parents could.

My mother had it all planned out.

They would take Katie when it was convenient for them. However, on weekends, winter vacations, and nights on the town, Katie would then be my baby. I was just 18. I was used to obeying my parents. Had I been a rebellious kid I would have run off and found someone great to raise my child. But I was very obedient.



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