My Heart Leapt Tonight When I Came Close to Killing a Dog in the Road

It was so dark on the drive home

Klara Jane Holloway
3 min readSep 10, 2023


a dog in the dark
Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash

I left my sister’s home in the country around 9 p.m. tonight.

She lives way out there! I must take a long, winding, hilly, and curvy road to get home.

I’ve driven that road 100s of times. The speed limit is 50 mph. I don’t drive fast since it’s very dark with only an occasional road light on a phone pole.

I almost hit a deer a couple of times and the damage it causes has totaled a few of my family’s vehicles. Fortunately, no one was physically hurt. Even the deer survived and ran away once!

I drove over a hill, around a curve, and there it was in the middle of my lane. I thought it was a small deer. I slammed on my brakes and pumped them. The animal just stood there looking at me.

As I got closer, I saw it was a large dog with brown and black fur. Its shiny eyes looked just like the deer I almost hit before. Deer run pretty fast if they hear you slam on your brakes, but this dog did not budge.

I braced myself once I knew I was going to hit him. I felt a thud on my front bumper, but not too hard. I didn’t hear a cry from the dog either. I looked…



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