My Mother Should Have Protected Me From My Uncles Sexual Advances

This is why kids don’t “tell” on their abusers.

Klara Jane Holloway


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“I dream about coming into your bedroom at night and laying my head on your pussy to snuggle.”

My uncle said this one night when I was staying at his home with my aunt, and two adult cousins in the summer of 1969.

I was 15 years old.

Do you think I was scared?

You bet I was.

Because that was just one of many things he said and did to me that summer.

Since you’re blond is your hair down there black? Can I see it?

Do you let boyfriends put their fingers in your pussy?

Can I lick you down there in the backseat of the truck?

It was the summer of 1969. I lived in Ohio but my parents sent me to stay with my aunt and uncle in Alabama.

Why? I’m not really sure.

I think they thought I would enjoy myself because he owned horses and I loved them.

You hear the stories of kids sexually molested by priests, coaches, uncles, etc.

You think, “How dumb are they?”

Why would they not tell? It’s just common sense to run from that situation and tell an “adult”!

No, it isn’t so easy….. you need an “adult” to listen and believe you.

That’s the hard part. Children take abuse because they are afraid of the abuser. They are made to promise to never tell or they will be in big trouble.

They are told no one will believe them.
I told my mom what my uncle had done.

My own mother said it was “no big deal” when I told her the things that happened. She said he “flirted” with her too!! As if me, at age 15, was the same as her, at age 41!
She thought I might be “exaggerating a little”.



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