My Whole Life Changed Once I Brought My Rescue Kitten Home

Klara Jane Holloway
6 min readNov 30, 2021

She weighed 9 ounces and was full of fleas and worms.

My kitten Punkin …..found in a ditch by my daughter and granddaughter. Authors own picture.

The tiny black kitten my daughter found in the ditch in front of her house was going to be “taken care of” by my son in law. Named Rosie by my granddaughter, she was upsetting the other cats around the farm. Seemed that since Rosie was rescued and living on their porch she was keeping another cat, Meow Meow, from coming home much. This upset my 5 year old granddaughter so daddy was going to fix that problem. This is not unusual out in the country where they live. Unwanted kittens are abandoned all the time in their front yard. It’s very sad but something they are used to. Most of them die because they are so small and cannot survive without their mother. My daughter dropper fed this one. She isn’t sure why!?

No way was I going to let my son in law annihilate this little innocent cutie! Little did I know she was not so innocent and possessed a very unique personality.

I popped her in the front pocket of my hoodie and took her home with me. I renamed her Punkin after the cat in the movie The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. They look nothing alike but the role that cat played always gave me a good laugh. I thought it was a cute name….one that would soon not fit this kitten at all!

She stole my heart. Even though I knew she was full of fleas and filthy dirty (having mostly lived outdoors). I took her to bed with me and she snuggled right in. She proceeded to make herself at home very quickly. I got her to the vet right away and she was full of worms, fleas and weighed 9 ounces. The vet couldn’t believe she was alive without having nursed from her mother very long or maybe not at all. But she dove right into the Sheba Perfect Portions cat food I bought. After $200, a bath and some medicines, she was hell bent for election to drive me totally crazy and to rue the day I “rescued” her!! But I love that kitten.

She has been a PITA since I got her. She likes to go into closets and rooms and hides so well I often close her in for hours before I start wondering where she is. She never meows to be saved even if locked up for hours and hours. When I call for her she doesn’t make a peep. Sometimes I get really frantic thinking she got out and ran away or something. I…

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