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Final addendum:

Addendum #3: 11:18 PM. Nothing.

Addendum #2: It is 3:46 PM and no word. Missing?

Addendum: December 25th at 1130 AM. We have not heard anything from her. Have no idea where she is to even look for her. Merry Christmas?

No One Has Heard From My Daughter For 9 Days

And today is Christmas

My oldest daughter is 47 years old and she is addicted to drugs. She says, “Mostly just cocaine”. She did heroin for a while and almost died several times. The last time she ended up with endocarditis and serious MRSA (methicillin-resistant staph aureus), a particularly virulent bacteria, all through her body.

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Endocarditis is an inflammation of the valves of the heart. It is often caused by the growth of bacteria on one of the heart valves, leading to a mass known as vegetation. https://www.medicinenet.com › endocarditis › article

She has a lot of vegetation in her heart and it is now very weak. The recovery from her last hospitalization took over 3 months. She had four surgeries to drain large pockets of MRSA infection in her lower back, foot, upper arm, and abdomen. Some of these were infected needle puncture sites. She spent 2 weeks in the hospital basically nonresponsive, 4 weeks in intensive care, and 6 weeks in a nursing home receiving IV antibiotics. She had to learn to walk again. The MRSA in her lower spine affected her nerves and her legs would just give out under her. She recovered but is still not very healthy.

We gave her tremendous support during this time. Every day at the hospital my other 2 daughters and I took turns staying with her. Her children were 14 and 9 at that time. My granddaughter is now 18. My grandson is 13.

Their mother has not lived with them for 6 years. They live with their dad. She is often out of touch but never more than a few days. She has a phone and if it’s broken she can at least borrow one to text me or my granddaughter. This will be the first time none of us have…



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