The Great Guy I Met on Finally Told Me the Truth

Klara Jane Holloway
2 min readDec 13, 2021

He already had a girlfriend. He was just checking to see what was “out there.”

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Yes, he is an ass!

I’d been using online dating sites for 4 years. I often heard guys I met up with say, “I just wanted to see what was out there”. They’d say this to my face. Like women were a commodity, such as a refrigerator, to go shopping for.

It sounded so shallow to me.

So, a guy messages me. He ticked off all my boxes. He was 7 years older then me but still looked and sounded good. His pics were old so I told him he should put some more recent ones on his profile. He didn’t get upset at my suggestion. He posted a very recent selfie. We met. We clicked. We proceeded to have a lot of fun. At first he kind of annoyed me but like magic he was astute enough to pick up on the things that bothered me and he fixed them. Amazing. We went to church together 3 times! There’s a miracle in itself that endeared me to him. Wonderful dates followed. We went to fun places and did fun things.

After a couple months, and some great kissing, he dropped the bomb. He hemmed and hawed and finally blurted out he had been having a sexual relationship with another “gal”. Long before he met me. How could this be? I thought he might be “the one”. After 4 years I met a guy I thought I could stick with and this is how it turns out?

He called, texted, sent flowers, candy, apologized and wanted to continue seeing me. But….he didn’t want to give her up. He had been with her for 2 years. I felt like a major loser because this uncovered several lies he had told me to cover up his time with her. Lies I believed.

And he thought I would be OK with that?

Liar. Fake. Deceiver. Christian?

I finally spoke to him and asked him why he contacted me on if he already had a girlfriend?

He said he was just looking to see what was “out there.”

You can’t get much lower then that in my book.

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