Tom...What part of Mexico are you in?

I'm moving and can't dedicate myself to the LinkedIn course until maybe March.

But I definitely want to join.

In 2021:

1. I bought into a LifePlan community so I never have to worry about things breaking, and worrying about paying to get them fixed, ever again.

Except maybe my heart.

2. I made more than $200 in a month on Medium which is a big deal for me.

3. I gained 200 more followers on Medium.

In 2022:

1. I'm starting my own side hustle and hope it takes off.

2. I'm planning to take Toms Linked In course.

3. I'm using my rowing machine 3x a week starting on January 2!

I’m retired and Medium helps me foster a young mind. I write about my experiences in life. Some mundane, some sad, some funny, and hopefully none boring!

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