Why Can’t I Leave Comments?

Is anyone else having this issue?

Klara Jane Holloway
2 min readDec 29, 2021


This has been so frustrating.

I read a good story or poem that touches my heart. I go to leave a comment. The comment box pops up and then disappears. I try this over and over. It happens over and over.

I am so desperate to comment on something cool I’ve read!

But, I CAN’T.

I Asked Medium For Help

Two weeks ago I wrote Medium and asked them to help me. I got a note asking me to describe the problem exactly. I thought I already did. This is not a hard explanation. Pretty cut and dry.

I click on the comment balloon at the bottom of a story right next to the claps. The comment box briefly pops up, then disappears before I can write anything. I try again. Pops up….then gone. GRRRR!

Since that time I have not heard back from Medium. It happens to me about once a week.

I comment a lot. I like authors I read to know how I feel about what they wrote.

Am I The Only One?

Does anyone else have this going on? Am I missing something obvious? Am I banned from commenting on some articles? Is there a daily comment quota? Do I reach my comment quota on these days?

I seriously do not think there is a comment quota.

Please Help Me If You Can

Can anyone make a suggestion besides trying to contact Medium Help again?

I will contact Medium again but may get advice more quickly from one of you.

I would be forever grateful to get this fixed. Thank you.



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