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What would I give for one more Christmas with my mom

Klara Jane Holloway
6 min readDec 24, 2021


If not for my mother I would not think Christmas was such a big deal. My mom loved the whole Christmas season and life changed around our house once Black Friday was over. It was jingle all the way from then until Happy New Year!

Now I’m older and my parents are gone. My mom passed away in 2020 at 90 years old. My dad, ten years before her. We don’t celebrate big anymore. Family is scattered all over the world and they have their own celebrations.

If I could have one perfect Christmas it would be just one more as a kid with my mom at the helm. The magic and wonder she brought to the season can never be enjoyed again.

Back when I was a kid you didn’t see Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. Now I think people start decorating for Christmas in August because they want that goodwill Christmas feeling to start much earlier than December. They are grasping for a way to make peace on earth, among all races and genders. There is so much hate out there.

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At our house, the decorating started the first week of December and we fought over who was going to put up certain displays. Year after year we had the same ones. Jolly and Jingles…..two big guys dressed in red. I really never knew who they were, but they stood on the mantle every year as far back as I can remember.

The nativity set was a big deal. We would fight and beg over who got to set it up. I always put snow on the top of the manger and my dad would tell me to take it off. “There wasn’t any snow where Jesus Christ was born”. Really? I never understood how he could be born in December and no snow? Once one of us would carefully set it up, another kid would come over and sneakily rearrange it just to be a meanie.

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It would take the whole day on a Sunday to put all of it up. My dad just kept carrying boxes down from the attic. We had our Christmas music records on and the mood was always sweet and cheerful. Oh, the memories.



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