You have to wonder how this happens. After you've loved and cared for that child. And how someone can come along and have so much influence on another person that they will turn on their own mother or father without hearing their side of the story. I actually fear this happening to me. It's an unfounded fear right now but I'm not old and feeble yet. I bought into a LifePlan community that cares for you for life. Starts with a 55 and older condo community and goes all the way through assisted living, memory care, rehab and nursing home. They evaluate your finances before they allow you to buy in but your money remains in your own hands and under your own control. If you live long enough to run out they still care for you until the end. They have a benevolence fund and help you get on Medicaid if needed. I told my kids this is a gift to them. They will see why some day.

I’m retired and Medium helps me foster a young mind. I write about my experiences in life. Some mundane, some sad, some funny, and hopefully none boring!